Southwest Ohio Birds
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Southwest Ohio Birds is a small aviary located about 25 minutes north of downtown Dayton, Ohio.
I have been raising birds off and on over the past 15 years. Within the past 5 years the aviary has been expanding and now raises many different species including:
10+ pairs of the following              3-9 pairs of the following                 1-2 pairs of the following
Cockatiels                                     Lovebirds                                       Blue Crown Conures       
Parrotlets                                      Sun Conures                                   African Grey Timnehs
Green Cheek Conures                      Painted Conures                             Cherry Head Conures
  (most mutations including             English Budgies                              Indian Ringnecks
    turquoise mutations)                  American Parakeets                         Black Cap Conures
Lineolated Parakeets (linnies)          Roseifron Conures                           White Ear Conures
Quakers                                        Rubino/Lutino Bourkes                     Red Belly Parrots
                                                                                                       Peach Front Conures
                                                                                                       Black Cap Caiques
I also have several trusted breeder friends I work with to ensure I offer a wide selection of other species as well. If you do not see what you are interested in on my available birds page, feel free to contact me and I will try my best to help.
Please visit the Birds for Sale page (click here) to see the list of currently or soon to be available birds. To learn more about the birds raised at Southwest Ohio Birds and to see if a particular species would be a good fit for you, please visit our Bird Profiles.