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African Grey parrots are available in two different species, the Congo and the Timneh.
African Grey Congo Stats                                                                                                   African Grey Timneh Stats
Size:  13-14 inches                                                                                                             Size:  11-12 inches                                                    
Avg. Life Span:  40-50 years (although they can live longer)                                             Avg. Life Span:  40 years plus
Age at Weaning: 12-16 weeks                                                                                           Age at Weaning:  12-16 weeks
Sexual Maturity: 3-4 years                                                                                                 Sexual Maturity: 3 years
Incubation: 28-30 days                                                                                                      Incubation: 27 days
Plumage: Light Silver to Dark Grey and Bright Red Tail Feathers                                        Plumage: Darker Grey/Charcoal and Dark Red/Maroon Tail Feathers
Natural Habitat: Central and Western Africa                                                                      Natural Habitat:  Equatorial Africa
Cage Requirements: 32"W x 24"D X 36"H or Larger (3/4-1" bar spacing)                         Cage Requirements: 30"W X 24"D X 30"H or Larger (3/4-1" bar spacing)
Speech Ability: Excellent                                                                                                     Speech Ability:  Excellent
Noise Level: Low/Moderate                                                                                                Noise Level: Low/Moderate
African Grey parrots are extremely intelligent and often quickly learn words and phrases used around them along with imitating noises around the household with alarming accuracy (door bell, phone, microwave, washer/dryer, etc.). African Greys generally have good temperaments and make excellent pets although they can be more on the shy side and tend to attach more closely to just one individual within the household. African Greys can be demanding of their owners time as well as sensitive to changes in setting or routines. Timnehs are very similar to Congos just in slightly smaller package.