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Eclectus parrots come in a few varieties of which the most common in captivity are the Soloman Island, Red Sided, Vosmaeri, and Grand. Here at Southwest Ohio Birds, we raise Soloman Island and Vosmaeri Eclectus.
Eclectus have very laid back personalities and are very intelligent and curious. Eclectus are typically contect entertaining themselves which can make them not quite as demanding as many other species but they do require attention and human interaction. As an Eclectus matures the owner may find that they become more complex and while they are still very affectionate it may be on their terms. They are gernerally very gentle and will tend to freeze in situations of fear rather than flap about as many other bird species do. Eclectus are exceptionally quiet for their size although they are capable of making extremely harsh, loud calls.
A proper diet is important to ensure a long and happy life for an Eclectus. This should be a good mix of seed, small amount of pellets, and a majority of vegetables and fruits. Pellets need to be fed in small amount as Eclectus' digestive systems are not as efficient in extracting nutrients from food. Also, unless vet tested for a vitamin or mineral defficiency, Eclectus should not be given vitamin or mineral supplements. 



Soloman Island Eclectus
Size:  12-13 inches
Life Span:  50-75 years
Age at Weaning: 12-16 weeks
Sexual Maturity:  2-4 years
Incubation:  28 days
Natural Habitat:  The Soloman Islands
Cage Requirements:  30"W X 24"D X 36"H or Larger (3/4-1" bar spacing)
Speech Ability:  Very Good-Excellent
Noice Level:  Low-Moderate
Vosmaeri Eclectus
Size:  15 inches
Life Span:  50-75 years
Age at Weaning:  14-16 weeks
Sexual Maturity:  3-5 years
Incubation:  28 days
Natural Habitat:  Northern and Central Moluccas
Cage Requirements:  36"W X 24"D X 40"H or larger (3/4-1" bar spacing)
Speech Ability:  Very Good-Excellent
Noise Level:  Low-Moderate