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Linnies or Lineolated Parakeets are absolutely wonderful small birds and make excellent pets. They are by far my favorite small bird. Averaging only 6 inches in length which includes a medium length tail, Linnies are smaller than Lovebirds and slightly larger than parrotlets.
Please note while Linnies are in the parakeet family they are nothing like a standard American Parakeet or Budgie. Not only are they not nearly as common; they are much more interactive and when handfed make excellent avian companions. They are gentle birds that love to snuggle and play. Lineolated parakeets will often hang upside down and their stance on a perch is different than that of most other birds. While many birds will sit or stand upright a linnie will hunch or lean forward a bit. Linnies are generally very quiet although they can chirp for short periods in the early morning, late evening, or when excited. They lack the ability to scream or screech like a larger parrot can.
Linnies are very easy to care for but will require a toe nail trim more often than most birds as they do grow more rapidly. Due to their tendency to roam around a wider or deeper cage is better than one that is extra tall.
Linnies are known for some talking ability but is usually a small, sometimes unclear vocabulary. There is no doubt that if you decide to add a Linnie to your family your will be very happy with your decision for years to come. 10-15 years is a typical lifespan for a Linnie.
Linnies come in many different colors including: Green, Blue, Turquoise, Lutino (Bright Yellow), Creamino (Light Whiteish-Yellow), Mauve (Grey) and Dilute Turquoise.