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Quakers generally make good pets and will typically form a stronger bond with one person in the household and may be testy with others. For their size, quakers are known to be one of the better talkers in the parrot world. While speaking ability varies by species and individual bird, quakers have a good chance of picking up commonly heard words and phrases with decent clarity.
Quakers can by noisy but this is worse when you have more than one quaker. As an indivdual pet they tend to be quieter. They are overall pleasant birds to own and generally do very well with kids.
Length: 12 inches 
Life span: 25-30 years
Incubation: 24-26 days
Age at weaning: 8-10 weeks
Age at maturity: 2 years

Luckily, quakers are legal to own in the State of Ohio but you must keep their wings clipped. Quakers are unfortunately illegal to own in a few states because they have an amazing ability to adapt to wild conditions and can be considered a nuisance bird to farmers and their crops. As far as states surrounding Ohio they are legal in all except Kentucky. You can check the following link for additional information about the legality to own: State Laws for Quakers